Worst Essay Writing Services You Could Hire

Let me start by saying that I care about my studies. Being in my last year of college, I managed to get through by studying for every particular class. However, some time ago, I had to find a job so that I could pay my taxes and living expenses and I would basically have to run from classes to work or from work to classes all the time.

This meant that I no longer had time for homework, so I had to improvise. Many of my friends recommended that I use essay writing services, so I started reading through customer reviews for something with a good rating. And while I did find some websites that were pretty good, others were pretty much a waste of money. Here are the ones that burned me of a good grade.


ProWriterz review

Considering that ProWriterz prices start at $32.98, I don’t really know what was in my mind when I decided to hire these guys. I guess I thought that if the prices were high, the quality would also be the same. I was definitely wrong.

The paper came, so it was not fraud or scam. However, when I was reading the paper, my brain was literally hurting. Not only was it packed with errors, but the topic was way off like they totally decided to ignore my instructions.
And here’s another kicker: my paper missed its deadline, so when I asked the customer support about it, they told me that if I don’t get it in the next 12 hours, I’m entitled to a refund.

This time, I received it within those 12 hours, so the refund was off the table. Also, when I asked for a revision, it was like I was speaking to a wall. I almost expected them to say: Lo siento senor, no entiendo ingles. Long story short, avoid these guys.


HireWriters review

I came across this service after reading some positive HireWriters reviews and testimonials that claimed they were good. Now I’m pretty sure they paid someone to write that stuff because the paper that I got was far from good. In fact, it was below mediocre.
Even after I got a revision, which I’m surprised they even offered, nothing much changed. They probably didn’t even know what mistakes to look for, so they just went with the flow there.

I’m guessing their writers are not native speakers, which is why their text quality is so low. The customer support may have been nice, but if they are not able to give me something I could really use, that’s just all for nothing.


Edubirdie review

With prices starting at $20, EduBirdie has just a little above average prices. However, the prices are agreed with the writer, so if you are a good negotiator, then you may actually get a nice offer. I paid a total of $134 for mine, which I think was pretty fair if it weren’t for the quality of the paper. Plus, any Edubirdie discounts or coupon codes are discussed with the writer. Obviously, there is no promo code either.
As for the quality, it’s the same problem as before. Grammar errors after grammar errors and the paper did not even have an introduction. It dived straight into the information, which was also shallow, at best. From the way the paper was written, I’m guessing the writers were foreign.

I hope my review of these websites will be useful to you. I know I would have liked to be warned before wasting my money on writers that can’t even differentiate between your and you’re.