Everything You Need to Know about Samedaypapers

Searching for a quality essay writing services can be stressful, especially if the final exams are in a couple of weeks. As a student, you want something qualitative that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s see if SamedayPapers can offer just that.

We will analyze the company, what it offers, what are the SameDayPapers reviews from customers, and if it's of any use for your money. Let’s dive in.

About this Essay Writing Service

We know that this company had a couple of years of experience and made a reputation among many students. It uses a combination of bidding and fixed prices, which might sound odd but it is nothing new on this market. This company is working only with academic essays.

You can choose anything, from essays to reviews and so on. There are also editing services if you want just to improve you written work. The customer is the judge here. He places the order, writers bid on it, and the client chooses the writer he would like to work with on his paper.

The Design of the Site

The first thing we realized when we were browsing the site is that there are some English errors. These errors are found in sentence structure and vocabulary. We might be dealing with a site made by someone who is not a native English speaker, and we hope it isn’t one of the writers.


We found out some customer feedback on the Internet. The rating was poor because the end product was lacking in quality. Apparently, the customers were not pleased to find out that their essays were full of English grammatical errors or others of the sort.

Testing the Services

We ordered a simple essay consisting of a couple of pages. To our surprise, the essay had no thesis, and many of the ideas were reproduced but using other terms. The writer was trying to cover as many pages as possible doing nothing but just repeating the same information.

This is not something you would want to present yourself at an exam. This dangerous combination of bad writing, questionable structuring and other negative factors made us come to the conclusion that this company doesn’t deserve your money. You will be doing more harm to yourself by hiring this service.

Sadly, we do not know too much about these writers as their profiles offer little to no information regarding their experience in writing, their strong points or weak ones. It is all a gamble, and at the end of the day, you are getting ripped off.

The Prices

The prices are high; there are no discounts or coupon codes. The only thing you can do is negotiate your price with the writers.


We do not recommend using Samedaypapers.com. They have high prices, there is no promo code, and they offer low-quality writing. So, we suggest that you avoid this service. It might as well be a fraud or scam judging by the final product we received, and that’s how our review will end.

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