Thorough Review

Most writing services online are focused on retailing their papers primarily to students and to everybody else in need of academic work. Hirewriters.Com is not your typical paper writing service; so, students might be disappointed.

Hire Writers stands out from the rest in the sense that it is a company dedicated to freelancers. For example, you need something written on a particular subject. Upon inquiry, HireWriters will provide a qualified freelancer that is able to help you with that.

The list of HireWriters services is quite long, encompassing everything from ghostwriting to editing and guest blog posts. But let me take you in the depths of the company, to see how efficient it is.

Testimonials and Quality of Work

None on the website. Customer reviews can be found on various other sites all over the Internet, and they’re not that good. The quality of the work is low and it is a main consequence of the fact that services are so cheap.

The company boasts with its staff, but the freelancing writers the website recommends are not that professional, to begin with. Upon receiving your article, you’ll see that for yourself.

Moreover, there are no samples to peruse at leisure, so all customers are lured by the low prices. Grammar-wise, the papers you’ll receive from these so called professional freelance writers could use a lot of help. There is no control whatsoever on all the writers that have been hired through this platform.

The Discounts

You wish. There is no promo code in sight. Same goes for coupon codes. Honestly, discounts would have no effect on the quality of the work, so it doesn’t really matter that they’re inexistent.

Certain price reductions may come when talking with the freelancer and establishing the final price. That’s the closest thing to a discount you’ll ever get on the website.

The Prices

Prices begin at $1.5 for a 300 words article and climb into the hundreds for e-books and other larger works. The prices are affected by the four available categories of writers (as if anyone would look expressly for inexperienced writers): beginner, general, skilled and expert. Regardless of the category you’ll choose, the prices will always be good enough, but that doesn’t mean anything when the quality doesn’t differ at all from one to the other.

My Rating is not a fraud or scam; there’s no doubt about it. In spite of this, it’s still not a great choice. Yes, it’s so cheap that it might steal your reason for a second there, but the articles are of mediocre quality.

This review could have been a lot more positive if it weren’t for all the complaints from customers, the lack of testimonials on the website itself, the childish design and the overall inaccuracy of the information provided for potential clients.

Maybe there are good writers on the website, but they’re drowned under all this mediocrity. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. Go with UpWork or a similar platform instead, at least there you’ll get some good quality.

HireWriters review